Chime Candle Royal Blue 3PK

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Blue Candles are believed and used in spells pertaining to spiritual well being, meditation, healing, rest, serenity, patience and kindness, inner calm, peace from within, sincerity, influencing fidelity and loyalty, for knowledge and wisdom, obtaining truth and light, and first contact with Higher Self. Blue candles can also be used for establishing harmony in the home, for increasing occult wisdom and power.

These chime candles are about 4 inches long. These candles can stand up on their own on a plate or flat surface. They should be placed only on a heat proof surface or vessel. They are unscented and have a burn time of about 1.5 hours depending on your environment.They can easily be etched with names or prayers and dress with a magical or spiritual oil to further empower your working.

Comes with 3 candles in a pack.


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